Use Refer Friends To Profit

Refer Friends To Profit

In this how-to video, I am going to walk you through step-by-step how we use Refer A Friend in Transcription Club.

You can see it in action for real over at .

As mentioned in the video, this is being set up on WordPress and is actually pretty easy. We are running a custom program that we made that uses credits, but you can use money just as well.

It really is a matter of choice, just make sure you use Refer Friends To Profit!
Refer Friends To Profit

The beautiful thing about this is that typically your existing customers will refer your product to customers that actually will buy it.  The old adage of Birds Of A Feather is absolutely true.  You can check out the article I did not marketing to people that will actually most likely to buy your Widget here.

What better way to market your product than to have your customers do it for you?  The likelihood of finding these same people on your own is low and even if you did, it would be expensive!

I would love to hear how you use Refer Friends To Profit.  We can share it with several thousand more people and perhaps, get you more business.

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