MASB: What Is It and Why Is It Important

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MASB and Its Importance

Hey, there. Andrew Anderson here with IQ Marketers, which is this guy here. I’m not sure if it’ll show up, but there it is. So what we’re talking about today is google and MASB, and I bet that most of you have never heard of this before. And we’ll spell it out here, and it’s an M, and an A, and an S, and a B. And we’re going to stay right here.

Exploring MASB: Mobile Website Performance

So, what this means is, let’s hit the M first. So, this is mobile performance, and that’s what this number represents right here, the 99. And then we’re looking at accessibility which is the letter A, and then we have SEO which is a letter S, and then B is going to be best practices. What you see here is a unicorn for most people in the world.

You’re not going to see these performance levels anywhere else that I know of. This just happens to be our site. We eat our own dog food. And what I want to talk about is the importance of MASB and what Google has done. And these numbers, this is a test. You can go test your own website over at iQMarketerscom, and then you’ll click on the button that says IQ site speed.

And then you can just fill it out. It’s super simple. It doesn’t cost anything. You put in your website. You need to put in your https, your first name, and then your email, and then it’ll get sent to you, but it’ll immediately become available. And so here’s what’s going on with this. So, our speeding index is 1.2, which is excellent, right?

And then you can share this with your friends or family or whomever. And then, let me see, let’s look why this is important. So, if your mobile site speed is over three, on the numbers, if it takes three seconds to load, Google has told us, and it’s actually higher than this now, but let’s just go with the number official from Google. 53% of your visit, you will lose over half of your visitors if it’s over three seconds, okay? Three seconds. That’s not very long. And most sites are four to five to six to seven. And what they’ve said is since 85% of all web traffic now is on mobile, they don’t even care about desktop because it doesn’t really matter because they want to give their users who use Google a better experience.

The Significance of ADA Compliance in MASB

And so, let’s talk about accessibility. So accessibility means can someone with a disability access your site? Can they use a screen reader? If they have ADHD, are they going to be able to access it? Does it have tags? Does it say in forms? Does it say, fill this form out? This is put your name here and it’ll come up as name field, your telephone field, your email field.

And if you want to get an experience that you will never forget, download one of the screen readers that are available for free. Go on a website and try and navigate it. And that’s what millions of people with visual impairments have to do every day. When they find a site that is accessible, they are as loyal as all get out, and right now, the disabilities market is larger than the Hispanic and the African American or black American market combined. Their disposal income is greater than that. Not only that, but under the ADA, let’s get back to this ’cause these numbers are going to knock your socks off. And we’re going to make this a little bit bigger here.

I’m going to pull this up and yes, it will go by there. Look at this, look at the technology. I’m amazed. You know, if a hundred years ago we’d be probably burnt at the stake because this was magic. So, let me scroll up here a little bit. So, we’re talking about, we got the M, that was our mobile site speed, right?

Let’s recap here ’cause most of you have never heard of this before. And if not, you’ve never heard it explained like this because I’ve never done it like this before, right? And if you see a misspelling, please comment. And I may do one on purpose just because you want to get a lot of comments on something, misspell something in social media. There will be a million people that will come out of the woodwork. And I always tell people this, English is my second language. I haven’t figured out what my first one is yet. Right. I think I’m funny.

So anyway, mobile site speed, that’s our M. And then we have A for accessibility. And in the US it is the Americans with Disabilities Act. Canada and the European Union followed this almost verbatim. It’s very similar, and they actually have fines in place. European Union is a little bit slow on it. Canada is starting to get up to speed with it, with let me spell this out here. And you can always make this go faster, right? Disabilities Act and the whole thing is of 1990. It’s been around for a while. It’s the same thing that where you have to put handrails in showers, in bathrooms, and grab rails and ramps, so people in wheelchairs or using crutches can get to restaurants and everything else.

Guess what? This applies to every single website in the US, and even those out of it if you serve us clients. Here’s the kicker. In 2020, check this out, there was 270,000 demand letters or pre-law suits sent out. The average settlement that the business owner had to pay was $36,000 a pop. Or if you may, here, I’m going to do some quick math and round it up a little bit. 12 billion with a B was paid out. And if you think you can skate on not being in compliance, you’re playing Russian roulette, the gun may have a hundred bullets in it, chambers on it, but you’re going to hit it. And it’s eventually going to go off and it’s going to be shot at your foot. And if you could afford a stroke check for $36,000 or more, that was the average, I’ve seen ’em go up to 6 million, then go for it.

But here’s what’s happening. When you do that, though, you can get access to that large group of people. And when you do get nailed, and this is why it’s so underground on those 270,000 sites is simply because who’s going to raise their hand and say, “Hey, I’ve been discriminating against people with disabilities and we just now fixed it and we had to pay a big fine.” How cool is that? No one’s doing it. That’s why this whole thing’s underground. In 2023, it’s estimated that there will be 15 billion with a B in fines paid out for non-compliance with the ADA.

Google recognizes this and they want to be inclusive. So, they’re saying right now that if you want to rank on Google, the second most important thing that you can do is make your site accessible. And I don’t know if that doesn’t tell you that it’s the real deal, then I don’t know what is.

Let me see if I can pull this down here a little bit.

SEO Essentials and Best Practices

Then the next thing we’re going to go with SEO. So SEO, we’re going to make that Search Engine Optimization. So that’s going to be our S and Search Optimization , and you can tell I’m doing this in real time here. Optimization. We can go back to it. Look at that optimization. It’s the small things that make me happy. Optimization, and I’m sure I spelled that wrong. But and that is, do you have your tags in?

So, let’s start off with the basics. Does your webpage, the little snippet, does it have your keywords? Let’s say that you’re selling rubber ducks, right? So, at, and there might be a website out there, I don’t know, but I’m just making this stuff out my head. So, your metatag should say, “We sell rubber ducks of all shapes and sizes. Yellow ones, orange ones, pink ones, and whatever.” Right? So that should be in there. And then your first H tag, and there’s H two, H three. This is basically a filing system that lets Google know, and Bing, and the other search engines what’s going on. So your first H one tag might be Rubber Ducks Unlimited, okay. So that would be your keyboard would be “rubber ducks” or “rubber ducks, we sell them all.” That could be it. Or “rubber ducks near me.” That’s another one if they’re looking for local searches. And the next one would be, “why do we have the best rubber ducks,” and “three things that you should know about buying a rubber duck,” or “three things to avoid when you’re trying to buy a rubber duck.” “Mistakes people buy,” et cetera, et cetera. You get the idea. And are those lined up correctly, and do the words and there’s everything there. You don’t want to be talking about rubber ducks and then out of the thing, “Oh, by the way, yeah. You know what we do rubber tires too. It just doesn’t fit. It’s like “What?”

And it’s like scratching across the record on board. So if you lose, use a little bit of common sense, that’s what Search Engine Optimization is about.

And we’re going to go back here. And last but not least, we’re going to go best practices. And best practices, so that’s our B out of the MASB. It’s basically, does your site load correctly? Does the header come up first before the footer? Is the code level correctly so it doesn’t interfere with things. And that’s the last thing that they look at. You notice that the first thing they look at is mobile site speed. Next thing is accessibility. We’re going for the US audience here, so does it meet ADA requirement? And that includes your website. That includes all of your forms. That includes all of your media. If you have a picture, you better have a description of it. Do you have a video? Do you have a transcription of it? For people who can’t see this wonderful visage of me, probably not, but they can at least listen to audio and then they can have a transcription of it if they might be auditorially impaired, but they could still read it, right? So, that part is there.

And then we’re looking at the SEO, and then the best practices. Here’s a couple of things that you need to know.

The Impact of Non-Compliance and the Importance of ADA

If you do not have an accessibility statement on your website, you’re probably not ADA compliant. If you haven’t done an ADA study on your website, then you’re probably not ADA compliant. If you don’t know what the ADA is, you’re probably not ADA compliant. 99% of the agencies out there are totally clueless. They’re getting clients thrown under the bus, and I think a border’s on it. It’s immoral. Okay, I’m going to get on a high horse here. You’re going to get me fired up that these agencies are not making their website compliant.

And you can come here, go to and you go to Site Health. Let’s see here. I’m already there, so it’s not going to go. So, let’s go back. So, If you come here, it’s this one right here where it says “Site Speed.” I don’t know if it’s showing up here, but it’s Site Speed. And you just click on that and you’ll end up back over here. And then you just type in your name and your email. Now the cool thing about this is you can share this with your agency. If your agency hasn’t done this already, though, you might be looking for another agency. I’m not saying you come to us, but find someone who’s got their act together because this is killing you. Alright? And if these numbers aren’t below three, that means all of that work, all of the money you’ve been spending on Google Ads or Facebook Ads, to come into your website, you’ve been blowing over half of them, sometimes three quarters, okay? So you’ve been wasting 5,000, 10,000, whatever it is per month, and three quarters of that was wasted. And if your agency who’s running these ads hasn’t told you, I would fire ’em yesterday and ask for a refund on half of the money. I know that’s a little bit controversial, but that’s exactly how I feel about this stuff because they’re stealing from you. Okay? I don’t know what else you call it. And the same thing with your agency on your website. You need to get ADA compliant. You need to get your performance up. These two things right there will make you lots and lots of money.

I know we’ve got sites where we’ve improved the performance in less than two months. They’re making an extra 500,000 approximately per month. That’s an extra $6 million just because we got this stuff put together.

MASB and The Future of Websites

Anyway, that’s it. That’s MASB. Again, mobile site speed performance, your mobile performance, your accessibility, your SEO, best practices.

And we’ll repeat that one more time because repetition is how we learn, right? MASB. The first you’ve heard of it here, I guarantee you. It’s Google’s new thing in 2023. Sites that are fast and line up on there are going to own. They are going to own their niches. They’re going to knock everybody out.

It’s like 10 people running from a grizzly bear. You don’t have to be the fastest, but if you’re the slowest or the last three guys, you’re going to get eaten up and the bear’s going to crunch you. And the farther ahead you are, the bear is eventually going to catch up to all the rest of them that aren’t in the green.

Anyway, Andrew Anderson signing off. That is MASB. I will break these down a little bit further, but it’s a great overview. Again, go to and just go to Site Speed. We’ve also got an SEO audit that you want to take a look at. If you want to get a hold of us, you can go here. We got this cool little thing and we only do texts anymore ’cause who looks at their email. Right?

And that is about it. I actually put the picture there so I’m not looking off to the side. So, you just put in your name and your email, and if we have it on here, what you can do is put that in here. We’ll get a text and we’re typically here from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM central time, seven days a week.

And if not, we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, but you’ll get an automated message to say, “Hey, Lisa, we got it,” and we’ll be happy to help you out. So, thanks, that’s it. Have a great day. Remember, MASB. It’s 2023, man. Later.


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