Are You Paying 800% Too Much for Ads?

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Paying Too Much for Ads

Are you paying 800% more than your competitors for ads? I’ve got to show you some numbers that you probably have not seen before. Let’s dive into this and then we’ll show you some more details. So, if you know anything about Google, they rate your landing page basically on a scale of 1 to 10, they may change it from time to time, but that’s basically what they’re still looking at.

Ad Costs by Site Speed

So, it depends on like how well your site loads, how fast it is, is it ADA compliant, is the SEO good, and a host of other factors that they rate it on. But the bottom line is… If you’re a 10, you’re going to be paying $0.50 or half of the baseline, and the baseline is one, right? And if you’re bad, which you go all the way down to one on the rating scale, you could be paying $4.00.

So this guy up here could be paying $0.50 and you could be paying $4.00. So, for every $8,000 that you spend to get those results, your competitor could only be spending $1,000. And it’s absolutely ludicrous. I’m not sure why more agencies don’t show you this stuff, but we’re going to dive into it here.

How to Pay Less on Ads

So, we’re going to start right here. Are you paying 800% more for your competitors for your ads? Here’s how to find out and stop it. Presented by So, let’s get rolling here. How Google Quality Scores (Site Speed), mostly, impact your CPC or Cost Per Click when advertising. Are you paying 4x more than the next guy or maybe even 8x?

So, if you’re at a 10, and we went through these numbers before, but we’re going to go through them again. You pay 50% less than the baseline of a dollar, right? So you’re at $0.50. If you’re at nine, you pay 56% which is 44. 20% less than the baseline. And then it goes down to 37.5% which is $0.63. And if you’re at 7, 28.60%, you’re paying $0.71 a click. If you’re a six, you still save some 16.7% which is better than a stick in your eye. You’re going to be paying $0.83. And if you’re at the baseline, you’re going to be paying $1.00 a click. And that might be $2.00 a click, but these numbers are the baseline and the percentages remain the same.

Now, if your site starts to not be so good, you’re going to pay 25% more because you’ve got a stupid tax basically. And if you really don’t have your act together, you’re going to be paying 67.3% or $1.67 for the guy that’s only paying $0.50. And if you’re really even worse, you’re going to be at 150% more than the baseline or $2.50. And if you’re really, really, really bad, you’re going to be paying 400% more over the baseline of $4.00. And the other guy who’s got everything going for him is paying $0.50. So, you’re paying eight times as much for the clicks.

Most Online Marketers Don’t Know This

This is why a lot of amateurs and even a lot of experienced people out there don’t know this, and this is simply because I’ve seen the agencies don’t know this. They don’t understand this, and they don’t push it because they don’t know how to make websites fast. They don’t know how to make him ADA compliant. They don’t know how to do the SEO, and then they don’t know how to structure them right. So, there’s probably billions and billions and billions of dollars of people paying too much for ads that they shouldn’t be.

Even if they pay the same amount, they can be doing eight times as much business, 800% improvement just by getting your act together on your landing page of your website. So, anyway, that’s all I got to say. Andrew Anderson with

Site Speed Determines Ad Costs

We have a wrap up here. So, you could be wasting $8,000 per month on ads and your competition could be paying only $1,000. And you wonder why they’re getting bigger and bigger, right? So ain’t that cool? That sites kill businesses silently. Find your site speed here for free. Seriously, go to, type in your information. You can find out how fast or how slow you are. And guess what? Only mobile matters these days. Google does not care about how fast your site is on desktops. It’s like 85% to 87% of people are checking things out on their phones. If you don’t believe me, go out in public and just see how many people are staring at their phones.

So anyway, hope this helps you out. I know a lot of you will ignore it, but the people that don’t welcome to Nirvana and saving and making a lot more money. Talk to you later. Bye-bye.

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