Speed Gets 391% More Paying Customers: 5 Things Not To Do

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The Company That Responds First

78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiries first. This is why speed is so important when you get an inquiry. So, do not dilly dally is one of the first 5 things when you get a lead in.

First 5 Minutes of Customer Inquiry

You are 21 times more effective when calling within 5 minutes of a prospect’s first contact, as opposed to calling after 30 minutes. Okay? So, do not wait 30 minutes to get in touch with the person that made the contact. Do it right now. And it’s better if you can contact them within the first minute.

Only 7% of Businesses Respond in 5 Minutes

Only 7% of companies respond to leads within 5 minutes. While 55% of companies respond in 5 or more days. You don’t really have any competition if you get this. So, do not wait 5 days to respond to your leads. Okay?

7X Within an Hour

You are 700% more likely to qualify leads when reaching out within an hour, as opposed to just one hour later. 7X more likely to qualify that lead in calling in the first hour versus the second hour.

Quadruple Lead Conversion

And then finally, we have number 5. There is a 391% lead conversion when responding within the first minute. Most people do not do this. This is a simple process. You can 300%, over 300%, almost 400% your lead conversions if you respond to them within 1 minute.

Respond to Customers Instantly

An easy way to do this is with iQLeadCapture.com. You can go there and check it out. It’s super inexpensive. What it does is when someone comes in, it texts you or your team or the daisy chain of texts that you have. So, you can get back to them within one minute. In that alone, traffic being the same, everything else that you’re doing the same, you have the chance of increasing your business by almost 400%, not double, not 10%, not 20%, but 391%. And I’ve seen this in business after business after business after business.

So, do not not call them within 1 minute. Get in touch with them right away. This is why speed equals profitability. So, thank you for watching this. I hope you got something out of it. If you’re watching this on YouTube, do the YouTubey things: like, subscribe, give me a comment. Let me know your experience with this or if you want more information on iQLeadCapture.com, and you can get this taken care of. It has the potential of blowing up your business like nothing else you’ve ever done. And it’s super simple. This can be done within a half an hour.

Talk to you later and stay tuned for more great information from iQ Marketers. Take care. Hope you have a profitable day.
For more information, visit iQLeadCapture.com


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