How To 9X The Traffic to Your Site

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In this video I’m gonna show you how to double your traffic and cut your ad spend at least in half. And you might even be able to get nine times the traffic that you’re currently getting.

This is a tool that I’m gonna show you that you can use for free, to determine where you stand and then what you need to do to get there, to make this happen on your website: This uses the Google AI to go in and check the performance of the four most important factors that Google looks at to where you’re gonna rank. So the first thing they look at is performance, and this is on mobile.

Your site speed on desktop does not matter anymore. They only look at mobile accessibility so that people with disabilities can access your site. The next one is if your SEO is correct. And the next one is if your Best Practice is on your site, whether or not it loads correctly.

Load Time is Crucial

If your load time on mobile is 1-3 seconds, you’re gonna lose 30% of your mobile traffic. If it’s over 5 seconds, you could be losing 90% of your mobile traffic. This means all the work that you’re doing on your social media, on your YouTube, on your ads, you’re losing 90% of your audience. If it’s at over six seconds, you’re losing over 99% of your audience, 94% of your audience. You’re only getting 4% of it.

People are leaving because your site is too slow. So for every 1/ 10th of a second, you’re losing 8%. It can boost your conversion rates by 8%. This is from Google and Deloitte, the big marketing firm.

Accessibility is King

Every website that serves clients in the US, Canada, or Europe has to be compliant with WCAG 2.0, or in America, it’s called Americans with Disabilities Act. If you are not compliant, you can get nailed for $36,000 on average. An attorney or someone with a disability’s gonna find your site, take a screenshot, it’s not accessible.

They send you a demand letter for 10 to $50,000: ” if you pay us, we’ll go away if you fix your site.” And if you don’t, they’re gonna take you to court and your chances of winning are about 1%. Forget it. And you think this isn’t going along that much? In 2020, there were over 170,000 demand letters out, and they collected $9.5 billion, $9.5 billion. This is not something to monkey with.

The reason why you don’t hear about it is because if you were to get sued for having your website discriminate against people with disabilities, would you do a press release on that? No. This is kept utterly quiet. We suspect that it’ll be about $12 billion in fines this year. It’s like a sniper with a silence rifle taking gut shots at businesses.

Unless you’ve got about $50,000 because you’re gonna have to pay the attorney and everything else laying around that you don’t wanna use and that you really want to give to an attorney, don’t be accessible. It is the law in the US.

SEO & Best Practices

The next thing is gonna be your SEO. If your H1 tags, H2 tags. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically the description of what’s on your site so Google can rank it.

And then Best Practices is how your site loads from a program standpoint. Is it sending the text upright? Is it sending the images upright? Does it have the menu in there? In this case, this would be this little hamburger here. Is your logo set up correctly, et cetera.

Increase Your Traffic By 900%

If your site’s really slow, you can improve your traffic by 9x. 900%. You can reduce your ad costs by nearly the same amount. If you have a fast site or if you have a slow site, you are going to be paying at least 50% more. So if you have a $10,000 ad spend, you can get the same result with $5,000. Or if you’re spending $500, you can get the same result with $250. Or if you spend the same amount of money, you can get him double, triple, quadruple, even 5x the traffic that you are paying for right now.

Make sure that you check this out. You can go here for free, go to iQ Site Speed, and you put in your website and your email and it’ll save it for you and then you can come back and check it. If you wanna upgrade, I think it’s like $17. It’ll check it daily and then it’ll send you alert if these numbers drop because you do want to get on this. So anyway, Andrew Anderson with iQ Marketers and iQ Site Speed.

Really, take a look at this. You want a multiplier in your business. Literally, I’ve seen people 9x what they could do as far as traffic. Just by getting their site speed up. Up to speed, so to speak.

If you have any comments or suggestions, just put ’em down below. Or questions. I’ll do my best to answer ’em.

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