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Search Box Optimization

Get the Leading Search engines to suggest Your Business to Every Potential Customer with Search Box Optimization!

Be the first company your customers see.

Your Competitive Edge

Your customers will see your company as a “suggested term” before they ever have a chance to see your competition. Get to your customers first with Autocomplete-Optimization.

Reserve Your Keyword Phrase For Just $449 for a limited time! Once they are gone, they are gone!

Search Box Optimization BRINGS YOU LEADS.

What is Search Box Optimization ?

Search Box Optimization allows you to be in the auto-complete for Bing and Google.  Your customers see you first and bypass your competition.  If you are looking for a huge advantage over your competition, then find the best keyword phrases in your industry and own the Search Box Suggestions for those phrases.

Google says that about 71% of the searches use the auto-complete. That's where you will be.

We can get you results.

Thinking outside the box.

Companies spend huge amounts of money on SEO and Pay-Per-Click campaigns. We put you in the auto-complete for Google and Bing, so your customers see you before anyone else.

Keys to Success

You will be the only company showing up in front of your customers in the auto-complete. And when they choose your company in the auto-complete, they bypass your competition and you own the entire first page.

Take a look at the video for more insights.

Cost Effective

You can save money on expensive pay-per-click campaigns and SEO.  You will own the entire first page of search results.

Competitive Edge

Every time a person types in the keyword phrase you choose, they will see you before they see any of your competition.


You will be the only company that we work with that is listed for the keyword phrase that you choose. We never sell a keyword phrase twice.

Act fast because if a keyword phrase is taken by your competition, it's gone.

Get more customers. Affordable and effective.

Be in front of your customers on every search.

This is a unique marketing platform that none of your competitors will have. Be the first company your customers see when looking for your product or service.

One the first page of search results

We work to make the entire first page of search results show only your company. Exclusive exposure!

Unique Technology

Our technology gives you the competitive edge, and nobody else is providing this technology like we do.

Simple Process

The process is easy. Choose the keywords phrases that bring you customers, and we take care of the rest.

Works worldwide

You may only be interested in customers in your city, but anyone who types in your keyword phrase will see you, anywhere in the world.

Mobile Device Ready

Our technology works on all mobile devices, so your customers can find on any their computer, tablet or phone.

Cost Effective

We make it affordable to get a competitive edge over your competition.

Getting started is easy.

We make this program simple & affordable so everyone can use this technology and obtain more customers.  We will never sell your keyword phrase to anyone else.  If you buy a keyword phrase – it’s yours.  Your competition will never be able to get that keyword phrase.

Still not convinced?

Question: Do I have to keep paying while we wait for our business to show up in auto-complete?

Answer: No. After you make your initial Keyword Reservation payment, you will not make another payment until one of your keywords is in auto-complete. This is one a first come, first served basis!

Question: Will I show up on mobile searches?

Answer: Yes. You will show up on any device in Google and Bing.

Question: How long does it take for our company to show up in auto-complete?

Answer: You typically start seeing your company in Bing within 45-60 days, and you will start seeing your company in Google in approximately  75 to120 days although Google being Google this comes when it comes.  

That being said, because there is so little competition on Bing, we see much better results there overall these days.  We highly suggest that you start using Bing. This includes pay per click ads because they can cost 25% of the same click or visit than it costs on Google!

Local and national

We have marketing programs for local and national companies.

Local Marketing Program

If you are a local company ready to put yourself in front or your competition, we can help you with our local Autocomplete-Optimization program. Get yourself in front of the people looking for your specific areas of practice, at the moment they are searching. Let us help you implement a program to capture the best keyword phrases that your customers use to find your local business.

National Marketing Program

If you are a company with offices nationwide, or who sells your services to potential clients on a national level, we can help put you in front of thousands of potential customers every month with our national Autocomplete-Optimization marketing program. Let us custom design a marketing program with you, to drive in new business.

We can get you results.

Exclusive Support

We will keep you updated with reports on the progress of your campaign. Each time a keyword shows up in Google or Bing, you will be notified so you can prepare for new customers.

Simple Process

We make it simple for you. Just let us know which keyword phrases people use the most to find you online, and we will put your company in front of all those customers.



With Autocomplete-Optimization marketing, you can implement a strategic move to bypass your competition. Search Box Optimization. This is one time when thinking “inside the box” can give you the advantage you need.

Autocomplete-Optimization gets results

Up to now, in order to truly compete, you would have to SEO yourself to the top of page 1 and pay for every click from your customers in a pay-per-click campaign. Now you can bypass the competition, eliminate pay-per-click and own the entire organic search results.

We call it search box optimization

With our Autocomplete-Optimization program, we use search box optimization to place your company name in the place where every one looks. We are talking about the search box. The place where people type in their search. Your company will show up in the auto-suggestions box in the search engines. It will appear as though people are recommending you, or that you have the most authority. Whatever the reason, people, will be inclined to pick your company. Why not, from what your customer sees, Google and Bing are suggesting that they do so.

Thinking “inside the box” with Search Box Optimization

With our Autocomplete-Optimization program, we use search box optimization to place your company name in the place where every looks. We are talking about the search box. The place where people type in their search. In the auto-suggestions, your company will show up. It will appear as though people are recommending you, or that you have the most authority. Whatever the reason, people, will be inclined to pick your company. Why not, from what your customer sees, Google and Bing are suggesting that they do so.

Take the whole page

You built a great business. Let us get you in front of the customers.

You worked hard to build your business.

Now new companies with less experience in your industry are beating you out because they have more experience online. Being more tech savvy doesn’t mean they can serve the customer better.

We know of companies who have been around for 40 years and are losing ground to newer companies who dominate online. Now you can take back your rightful place.

Autocomplete-Optimization will allow you to be in front of every customer searching for you. Your company name will be in front of the eyes of each person looking for your product or service. Move your company back into first place, with Autocomplete-Optimization.


Where the search engines suggest where the user should go.

America shops on the first page.

Everybody knows that almost no one goes on to page two of the search results. Typically what the consumer does is to look at the first page, and if they don’t see what they like, they revise their search term and look again.

You can be in the suggestion box provided by Google and Bing. When the customer is looking for your produce or service, you show up as a suggestion by the search engine.

Providing consumers the confidence they need to buy from you.

If you are not sure on the keyword to use, we will help

Most of the time you know which keyword phrases bring you customers. But sometime you don’t know which would be the best. We can help. Our team of experts will work with you to find the best keywords for your industry.

Our goal is to build a long-lasting relationship. That starts with making sure you are using keyword phrases that will drive in new customers.

When you submit your order for Autocomplete-Optimization, our team will review the keyword phrases you submitted and will follow-up with you if we find any keyword phrases we feel you should consider. We will perform keyword research based on the f0llowing:

  • Monthly search volume
  • Keyword competitiveness
  • Pay-per-click bid costs
  • Searches related to buyers vs. researchers
  • Urgent need phrases

Autocomplete-Optimization compared to standard SEO and PPC

The future of online marketing is now As a new technology, Autocomplete-Optimization is many times compared to what the market knows as search engine optimization, or SEO. However, when examining search results, there is little similarity. Think of Autocomplete-Optimization as SEO on steroids. The differences are vast and will allow a business to dominate their market and their industry.


  • Fixed cost per month; dominates competition
  • Compatible with current website – requires little or no access.
  • Consistent results month-to-month.
  • Shuts out your competition on first page of Google and Bing.
  • Takes approximately 60-90+ days to be fully operational
  • Will attain up to all 10 organic spots on 1st page of Google and Bing after they click on the suggestion.
  • Brand awareness for your business in the auto-complete box.
  • Exclusive rights to your own chosen keywords – no double selling.
  • Users perceive higher authority due to auto-complete appearance.
  • Higher ROI due to faster results, higher click-through and lower monthly costs.
  • Includes all elements of standard SEO, but with a focus – blogs, press releases, videos, social media, back links and directories
  • Focused on organic listings – 60-70%  usage by online searchers.


  • Can cost thousands of dollars per month just to keep up with competition.
  • Requires constant changes to optimize website as well as social media.
  • Results can change from day-to-day; your competition is doing the same thing as you.
  • Allows consumers to see your competition on first page of Google and Bing .
  • Can take 6-8 months, maybe longer, to get just one spot on the 1st page, if that.
  • May attain one spot on first page of Google and Bing.
  • No appearance in the auto-complete – no brand awareness – no perception of authority.
  • Results may regress if competition improves.
  • Reduced ROI due to higher costs, fewer click-throughs, and more competition.
  • Cannot honestly guarantee results.
The bottom line – Search-Box-Optimization (SBO) is far superior to standard SEO and PPC. We give your business superior search results – 10 spots on the first page versus 1 spot for standard SEO – making it much easier for users to click into your information and become customers. SBO will yield a higher ROI than standard SEO and PPC due to lower costs and higher click-throughs. And, SBO gives you consistency – in results and costs. When considering your next step in online marketing, or even if you already utilize SEO or PPC, let us help you succeed in a far better, more profitable way.


Please click on the question that below to find out the answers. We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions from our clients and also included information that you may find useful.

From our most common questions

Click on the question below, and the answer will appear.

In order to get you into the auto-complete, we need to establish authority for the keyword phrase. The time that it takes can vary depending upon the competitiveness of the keyword phrase, but look for the keyword phrases to start showing up in Bing within 30-40 days, and Google 90+ or more days. Google is Google. Sometimes with them it can be quicker or it can take months and months more.  

For our own keywords that we have (of course we use them too, we are not silly) we don’t even care about Google at all.  We are happy with just Bing because they spend 35% more than clients we get from Google! And there is so little competition currently it is amazing!

Google tells us that 71% of all users engage in the auto-complete or search box optimization. Over 91% of users look at the auto-complete, an 71%+ of them actually use the auto-complete.  This means mean only 29% of the people that search ever look at the companies that rank, or the ADS! When a user looks for your product or service and they see you suggested in the auto-complete, it tends to give the them increased confidence in your company brand. Of, course, when the user clicks on your business in the auto-complete, every organic listing will display your business, not your competition. All of our customers so far have experienced a spike in business.

Yes, we do. Your business can appear in every organic listing on the first page of Google and Bing. Autocomplete-Optimization will also enhance your overall online presence and authority for each search engine. Autocomplete-Optimization will give your business consistency in results and monthly costs. For more details, please view the video on our Home Page and our Advantages page. Or, contact us today!
Absolutely! Consumers use search engines like Bing and Google because they have a need or a want. When they begin their search they are a prospect. When they click onto a listing for your business, they become a qualified lead. We bring you leads from Yelp, BBB, YouTube, blogs, press releases, aggregate sites like, DexKnows, Merchant Circle and others. Because Autocomplete-Optimization brings all of this content to the first page of Bing, Google, and soon Yahoo, users will find your website pages, too.
Yes we do. Although we cannot track your phone calls or in-person business visits, we can and do track the increased traffic to your website. Total Autocomplete-Optimization will produce regular reports to show you the additional traffic we drive to your business, no matter the source. Our product, Autocomplete-Optimization, is at the forefront of online search technology and will give your business the advantage you deserve.

No. Autocomplete-Optimization gives your business much more. More presence and exposure online, more spots on the first page of Google, Bing, and Yahoo, more click-throughs to your website and, ultimately, more revenue. For a more in-depth comparison of Autocomplete-Optimization to SEO, click here.

Bottom line – would you rather appear once on the first page of a search engine, or ten times? Autocomplete-Optimization can give your business ten.

Yes. In order to get your keyword phrases to show up as a suggestions in the auto-complete box, we need to build authority. To do this, we will create YouTube videos for you, press-releases and/or blogs, post to directory listings and post to social media. This is work that will be very beneficial for your organic rankings as a whole also, but we do this so Google and Bing will add you as a suggested company in the auto-complete. See how Total Autocomplete-Optimization compares to standard SEO and pay-per-click here.
We do not. In order to influence the auto complete, Google looks to see what is currently trending, so our process works down the lines of social influences, to gain authority for the website and to build social awareness, and do it in such a way that meets Google’s algorithm standards for determining what to suggest in the auto-complete. This social media trending work that we do is very specific to getting Google to start suggesting the company in the auto-complete. So we do some things similar to SEO, but specifically tailored towards influencing the indicators that Google looks at to determine what to put in the auto-suggest, which is mostly social trending.

Once a keyword phrase is sold, it is no longer available from us. To test if the keyword phrase that you want is still available, just go to Google or Bing and type in the keyword phrase. If the auto-completes box shows any company name after the keyword phrase in the suggestion box, the keyword phrase is taken.

If you do not see it, then the keyword phrase is likely still available. There may be times when the keyword phrase has been purchased, but not yet appearing in the auto-complete. Contact us today to get started on your business evolution.

Because let’s face it, smart companies that realize the potential are going to be snapping these up fast!

In our Search Box Optimization program your monthly fee of $749 to $2,500 only begins once you get listed on Bing.  There are no other fees.  What is the difference in fees?  Most common search terms for any type of trade is $749.  The higher priced ones for such things as Attorneys, and say Plastic Surgeons where this is a huge amount of competition take much more work to not only get, but to keep, so that is why the fees are higher.  When in doupt, just get in touch with us. You can text us using the botton on the bottom right of the page. 

We sell keyword phrases for local and national businesses. A local keyword phrases means that you have a location designation in the phrase. For instance, “garage door repair Los Angeles” would be a local keyword phrase, whereas “garage door repair” would be a national keyword phrase. When you purchase a national keyword phrase, you should be able to assist customers across the country. National keyword phrases are great for franchise businesses, but local keywords drive customers to the local business. To submit a request for a proposal for your business click here for local and here for national programs.

National keyword phrases get thousands and even ten’s of thousands of searches per month. A national mortgage bank may want to purchase “home loans” and other related searches. They will receive inquiries from every State and need to be able to service those customers.

The price for keyword phrases is based on the competitiveness of the keyword phrase. The work involved in getting a national keyword phrase will be dependent on many factors, so we price the national keyword phrases individually.

Yes, when you order 7 or more keyword phrases, you will get a discount of 10%.

After your keyword shows up as suggestion in Bing or Google or both, there is a 6 month contract.  After that it is month to month.   

And we have a very strict payment policy because of the amount work involved. You must have automatic payments. And if for some reason the payment does not go through,  you have 7 normal days to get it taken care of or you may lose the keyword. 

So make sure you have your big boy or big girl pants on when you sign up and can pay on time. 🙂 

Because we want to give first user advantage to people that understand the value of them. 

It is a pretty good bet that not only are we going to raise prices, but we may just only do this for our existing customer base once we hit our customer goals. 

So those people that act fast are going to have a huge advantage!

Get this! You can reserve your Key Word Phrase such as,
MyTown Dry Cleaning for just $497.  Then once you start showing up on Bing, it is just $749 for most keywords. 

If you reserve 7 or more keywords, you get 10% off.

Please get a quote if you have a highly competitive keyword or want a national one.

Get started today and own the keyword phrases
where customers find you the most.