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Hey there, guys and gals. So, Andrew Anderson here again, and with the dirt of crappy AI tools that are coming out right now that they are charging an arm or leg for. I just wanted to share with you a couple of forces that I would actually put out there.

Supercharge Your Business With AI

This is one of the better ones. I have not tested this extensively. However, the price is right. It costs a dollar to get started, and then it’s like $7.99 a month. And it will do pretty much everything that you want it to do. It’ll write content. I’ll write blogs. It’s got lots of features into it. You can go to up here. Let me do that. Hopefully you can read that. And so, this is the one I’d recommend. A buck to try it out for three days and then eight bucks a month. So, you can’t get a better price than that. Don’t buy the other crap out there. Everything we’ve looked at, except for two products, in the past three months are absolute junk, okay? And some of the ways that they do this are now, all of these are hooked up to OpenAI through their API. So, they’re just intermediaries going to the main source.

OpenAI on Microsoft Edge

Now, let me show you something else that you can get access directly to OpenAI. And I don’t know if anybody else has explained this to you, but let’s open up the horde browser, at least it used to be horde browser. Microsoft Edge, right?

And we’ll pull this open here. What you don’t know is you can get access to OpenAI right here and you can do the chat, and you can have it do everything, be more creative. Towards the end of the day, you shouldn’t be doing these, but Dale Connors, thank you for pushing me to do this.

Write a beginner’s how to learn to use AI. And it even understood that my terrible spelling is in there. So, you have direct access to OpenAI through here, through Microsoft Edge. And so, there you go. So, learning coding is an essential skill for AI, you start block coding languages like Scratch or Blockly.

Here’s what you really want to know. How do I write better prompts for recipes? Give an example of chocolate chip cookies. I’ll just go with what it says.

Now, it’s going out there and checking things out. Here we go. All make sense so far. Clean copy. Make sure its simple. Here’s how… Give me a recipe. Now it already knows what I typed in, right? This should work. And there you go.

Agency Use AI’s

So, you don’t need the other junk that’s out there. Now, do we have some stuff that we use internally, for ourselves? Yes, we do. As I said before, we’ve been working with OpenAI for 14 months. It is going to make our clients literally hundreds of millions of dollars this year. Am I gonna share that? If I could figure out how to do it without killing our clients or helping our competition, I would do so. I may come out with something in the future on this, but right now this is it.

And I did open it up and I did, I only got a couple responses on it, but I am gonna put out a newsletter on this that it’s just closed. I think I’m only gonna let it in 49 or 50 people. We had a bunch of people sign up, but I forgot to get their email. That’s on me. So, if you did sign up for it, I haven’t ignored you, you just didn’t give me your email. So I don’t have a way to get a hold of you. Got your name, got your business name, but I’m not gonna take the time to go hunt you down. So, ’cause you’ll just probably take this as junk email anyway. So, I might do something like that. And seriously, but I’m not gonna do it for less than like $249 a month ’cause it’s just not worth my time to do it. However, if you’re a small business and you are interested in doing this stuff and getting a competitive edge on your competition, I would be glad to help you out.

Our rates have gone up, not tons, but you know, we started at $2,500 a month to get you rolling on stuff. But the kicker is we’re bringing in hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars each year for our clients on this, and you can see how you can take advantage of this just from a little teeny tiny snippet that I gave you here.

Two AI’s Your Business Needs

So, if nothing else, I would use the one tool that I showed you, $1 for three day trial, I think, and then it’s $8 a month. That’ll get you started. You don’t need to be spending money on these other stupid stuff. And I’ve seen some stupid stuff and I alluded to that in another program. All the freaking gurus are pushing junk. It’s absolute junk compared to what you can do on your own. And normally, I wouldn’t say that, you know, you might get some benefit out of it, but we’ve tried them. I’ve wasted hours of my life that I’ll never get back on this stuff, and I just don’t want to see most of you get taken to the cleaners and get suboptimal results.

So, if you go to Microsoft Edge, start using it, you get access to the same thing that’s on Chat GPT3 or OpenAI. And it has, if you put the prompts in there and we’re checking out our prompts, ’cause the prompts that we have might be three or 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 paragraphs long to do it. And they’re valuable and I’m not gonna give ’em away.

And guess what? If you have someone that says, “Hey, let me show you these great prompts,” they’re not that great because guess what? If they’re really good, you do not sell them, they are worth a small fortune. Okay? You just don’t do it unless you’ve got a program where you’re charging a lease. If I was to start doing our prompts, I wouldn’t do it for anything less than a grand a month. Seriously, and maybe not even that, maybe 2,500 because they can use it against our competition. And I know there’s a ton of business out there, but I’m just not really interested in helping other agencies who are gonna be our competition for our clients. It would be just asinine, I think. Unless someone else can help me get a better handle on that, that’s my reasoning behind it. Okay. So, if you can convince me, I’ll release some of the stuff to agencies. If you can gimme a reason why we should do this, then that would be fantastic. But this stuff right here is enough to get you on. Even if you are an agency, I don’t hate you, I just don’t want to help you. Right? But for your small businesses out there, this is great. These two tools can drastically change your life. Eight bucks a month and free, and normally free is crap. But this is not crap.

This is, I don’t know why they’re not charging an arm or leg for this, but they’re trying to wipe out Google and they are putting a hurting on ’em. I think Google itself will be out, but as one of my friends pointed out, they own hundreds of other businesses, so they’re still gonna collect your data and suck everything that you do outta your life. So that, you know when you have your phone on, they can feed you ads in other places, and you don’t even know it’s them.

But anyhoodle, so I’m gonna cut this short because I have to have the team transcribe this ’cause I’m only doing transcription videos. And if you want to roll up your videos and crush it with them like we’re doing for our clients, put transcriptions on every single one, especially social media. 80% of the people that are on social media do not have their sound on, kids. They don’t.

So anyway, Andrew Anderson signing off for IQ Marketers and The Longer Crowbar. Hope this helps you. If it did, please let me know. And if there’s anything I can do for you, just hit me up. You know, I’m pretty approachable, believe it or not, in this format anyway. And we will talk to you later. Thank you. Have a great day and have a profitable 2023. Don’t wait on this. I implore you. If you have a business, do not wait to start using this because you’re gonna get end up getting crushed by your competition who is going to use it. Okay, talk to you later. Bye-bye.

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