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iQ My Site

Hey there, sports fans. How you doing? Andrew Anderson here and just wanted to give you a little preview of the latest project we’ve been working on for quite some time and it is ready to be shown. This is iQ My Site. It’s a builder, the first one that I know of that puts out an ADA-compliant website that also ticks off all the boxes that Google’s looking for.

Google Metrics

These numbers here on the performance levels are what Google measures all websites for. This is iQ Site Speed and it is hooked up to Google Lighthouse, which is their Ai for ranking websites. And the most important part right here, well, there’s four of ’em actually. Performance on mobile, it’s a hundred percent. Accessibility or for ADA, Americans with Disabilities Acts Accessibility. SEO is a hundred and best practices are a hundred. And a site like this will, if you’re running, let’s say, $10,000 worth of ads to it per month versus a regular site, will cost you about half as much for the same clicks, down to as low as three quarters the amount. So, for $5,000, you’re going to be able to get the same amount of traffic.

And not only that, but the performance on mobile, you’ll probably pick up at least a hundred percent more traffic on this and it’s a beautiful thing. We’re going to release this to the general public as far as being able to build websites for people. And it’s a game changer in that this is what we use to build websites for our clients and allows them to dominate their market.

Because when you can get speeds this fast on your website, it totally changes the dynamic of how much of the traffic out there for any given keyword you’re going to be able to pull in. And when you can bang a hundred out across the board on all four of the factors that Google now takes into consideration: performance, accessibility, SEO, and best practices, you win hands down.

Smart Marketing Spending

And I know Dan Kennedy says the company that can spend the most to get a client wins. Andrew saying is the company that spends the most smartly wins because you’re going to have other clients that are spending $10,000. If we spend $10,000 in ads on this one, we are going to get double the amount of traffic, at least maybe two to three times as much. And it’s a game changer for small businesses. Don’t have the pricing down pat on it yet, but it’s going to be able to blow away what the other site builders are out there. And it’s set it, forget it.

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