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Hey there, Andrew Anderson with iQ Marketers and iQ Ai Reviews.

How AI Personalizes Replies

And this is where the AI part comes in. So this is typically what a lot of people do. They just get back to them, which is great. This is better than nothing.

So what we’re gonna do is we’re going to go and edit this. We’re going to write a reply here. Okay. And the AI is going to come in, and it’s going to personalize it, and it is going to even input the name of the business in there. And so this is great. There we go. So that’s, it took what, less than 10 seconds. I could rewrite the reply again if I didn’t like it, but this seems pretty darn good. So, it’s much better than a thank you. So we’re just going to click update on Google. And bada bing bada boom.

Benefits of Quick and Personalized Replies

The other thing is what happens is as soon as you get a Google review in, you’ll know about it and then you can write your reply. Because what happens is Google will give you brownie points for how fast you get back with the customers and this looks much better when customers are going through and looking at… Wow, they actually took the time to write that.

So, this will dramatically help you in the quality of your reviews because quality does matter. Every little thing that you do within Google, the Google sphere gives you brownie points or takes them away. And number one is not replying. Long replies like this that are customized and because this is also, this mentions the name of your business in here too, and it’s not spamming it, but it will be picked up as a keyword.

So, it helps. It’ll help you with that too. It’s not going to be a million points in there, but it can’t hurt, and it might help.

Using Tap Card for Reviews

And the other thing is too, when you use your tap card, now that we can either use the tap or they can scan the QR code, you want to get the customers when they’re really happy because people will forget about this stuff. So, right when they check out or if they say “Wow! What great service!” You don’t do all of them. If they’re a grump don’t bother tapping them or showing them the card, but if they’re great.

And the typical business, now this isn’t a guarantee, I’ll never say that, but you could get five to ten really good five star Google reviews every single day. We’re not talking every month, but we’re talking every single day, depending on the amount of traffic. And if you have your team in there, you can track how many reviews each team members.

So, this is how easy it is to use iQ AI reviews. And this can definitely help you. Everything is totally compliant here, so we’re not trying to spoof Google or anything.

Impact of High Volume Reviews

We’re just giving you an advantage over your competition building crusher, because you could literally get more reviews five to ten times more reviews than your competition will get in a year, in a month. I’ve seen it happen. It’s crazy And the more reviews the better you will rank in the map pack, plain and simple.

Not only that, but if you’re getting that many reviews It definitely has an impact on how people view you when they’re doing the search too. It’s like, who do you want to go with? People that have one or two reviews, or twenty or thirty, or someone who has three, four, five, six, seven, eight hundred. And it is possible to get there. It’s not going to happen overnight. This is not an end all be all solution.

Dealing with Negative Reviews

But, especially, this works really well if you’ve gotten someone’s giving you a bad review. The only way to combat it is, one, we got a couple of them taken off and we can help you if you need that. But secondarily is you bury them. And in a couple of weeks, it won’t matter. So, the more reviews you do, if you do get a one star or two star or three star, even, or four star, it’s not going to hurt you as much because it won’t impact your overall rating.

So, we’ve worked with clients that had over 465 five star reviews. And they’re real too. They weren’t made up or anything else, but it’s how you ask them and when you ask them. And if you get your team in there to do the same thing, whether you’re a roofer or a restaurant or a cigar shop or offer any type of services out there, right when the customer is the happiest, that’s when you want to hit them up.

Encouraging Team to Gather Reviews

If you get a chance, this is the best deal of the century. I kid you not. So take a look into this and if you’re already signed up, great. If not what are you waiting for?

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