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Hey there, Andrew Anderson with iQ Marketers and If you haven’t checked us out on YouTube, check out for leverage in all areas of your life. So today I wanna make this real quick. I wanna bring your attention to something that we’ve been noticing and it’s increasing.

Microsoft Edge, check this out. 1 minute, 59 seconds on site. This is Google Analytics, for those of you that don’t know this, versus Chrome visitors 1.8 seconds versus Safari visitors. So our Edge visitors are twice as engaged as our Safari visitors. And here’s the kicker: they also spend 35% more than all the other browsers. If you’re not paying attention to Bing and Microsoft Edge, then you really need to take a look at it.

Chat GPT 3 is Old News

Microsoft owns Open AI and I know there’s been a lot of hullaballoo lately, and everybody’s like, how cool is Chat GPT 3? Well, we’ve had access to Open AI for almost two years now. Okay, so just so you know, Chat GPT 3 is old news. It’s like at least 6, 7, 8 months almost a year old tech and there’s stuff that’s coming on the line that will blow your mind.
Microsoft has a huge edge in it and they are going to start eating away at Google’s domination of search and a whole bunch of other things that are gonna dramatically change over the next three years. So if you can focus on it, if there’s one thing I was gonna focus on right now, I would focus on Bing and Edge users. They spend 35% more, it costs less to get them.

Bleed Edge Tech Opportunity

I’ve been underground a little bit for the past mostly four or five years. I used to do a lot of these, if you follow my channel previously, but I’m coming back out of it. A lot of things have happened in that time and everything’s always a learning experience, right? We were able to procure a software patent. It usually takes billion dollar companies to do that these days, or startups with tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of dollars. And we didn’t do it with that. It was more like a garage setup.

We’ve gotten access to a lot of not cutting edge, but bleeding edge softwares and models and all these other cool things. And we’re gonna start sharing them with the public. And then the other thing is I’m gonna open up our testing group to a hundred businesses, both online, offline, brick and mortar, the whole nine yards, to test out our tools. And I’ll get some more information about it.

There is gonna be a charge for it because no one pays attention to free stuff, right? It’ll be minimal. It’ll be either $47 or $97 and there’s only gonna be 100 people allowed in it. That’s gonna be it because we want the feedback and you’re gonna have to participate. But in exchange for that, you’re gonna get cutting edge tools that can really move the needle and they’ll be worth hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a month for it.

So whatever the price is just gonna be enough to make you pay attention and you don’t forget about it because we do want you to participate because we want you to make more money.

Opportunities to Beat Your Competition

There’s plenty of opportunity out there to blow your competition out of the way. And remember: the horse that wins by a nose makes 10 times more than the second and 20 times the third place finishers. So, you only need to win by this much. And “this much” means just paying attention to what’s coming along. Mostly people right now, most, a lot of businesses, they’re so deep ingrained in the minutiae.

They’re looking at their cell phones and you ever see the ones where the person walks into… they’re walking on the sidewalk and they walk right into the light pole. Guess what? There’s about a thousand light poles out there now in front of the small and medium sized business owners, and all you have to do is just pay attention and not walk into ’em. You can stop and look at stuff and then keep moving. We want to help you avoid the light poles. And if you do that, you can be so far ahead because these people, I see ’em doing it over and over again. They look at their phone, boom, run a light pole, look up again, start walking and before you know it, boom. And they keep on hitting them. It’s crazy.

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