Case Studies

Patent Pending Work Flow Software And WordPress Plugins

We were brought into this project by the owner after a 6 figure project overrun and a 14 month development period with no end in site.

They did not even have a fully functional Alpha or Beta of the package.

We were brought, scrapped all of the code, and started from scratch and within 2 weeks had an Alpha Version of the product working and within 2 months had a fully functional beta running for testing.

Since that time we helped them develop a fully functional WordPress plugin that allows for rapid deployment and distribution. We also assisted them with applying for a patent on the process and it is currently pending.

We also developed a Multi-Site version that can handle 100,000 users.

While we did not do the website, our team did create this video for the project. You can watch it now.

We have been involved in developing numerous WordPress Plugins over the past 10 years including one of the first for a little known startup at the time called Pinterest way back when.

$300 Million Plus And Counting In Business Generated Through SEO

We have been doing SEO for ourselves and for our Clients for well over a decade and we recently added up the number of keywords that we rank for on the first page which is in the thousands.  We then estimated how many sales were generated from Organic visitors vs Advertising.

The estimated number we came up with was over $300 Million dollars so far and growing at an approximate rate of 25% per year.

Needless to say, we and our customers are quite happy.

We also have developed several tools that helps our clients rank on search engines including our Site Speed Tool. It uses the same Ai that Google uses for determining Website Rankings.  You can Click Here to see it in action.

Did you know that Mobile site speed is one of the main factors in how well you rank?

Ranking on the first page of Search Engines can add a zero to the bottom line of most businesses.

ADA Compliance - Automated and Manual

Between ourselves and our partner accessiBe, we have been helping websites both large and small comply with the ADA requirements all across the United States.

Since the 2018 landmark Court Ruling that requires virtually all websites in the United States become accessible, we have been busy!

As we are one of the few companies that do both manual and automated compliance, we are working on new projects on a weekly basis.

We would be happy to do run a quick compliance report for you free of charge.

Check out the story of what happened in Denver when 50 companies got sued. This is going on quietly throughout the US.  Click here to read about it.

Complete Digital And Real World Marketing Services

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We have worked with clients ranging from Mom and Pop small businesses to well-known Fortune 100 companies.  We have also partnered up with the best in the business from (click the link to read more about him) Drayton Bird Associates for some of our copy work whose copy has sold over an estimated Trillion dollars of products. Yes, that is with a T, not a B.  You can also watch the video… This is the one and only Marketing Legend David Ogilvy.

Not only can we provide a complete marketing package from soup to nuts build-out, including Websites, Google and Social Media Ads, but SEO and even Print and other forms of advertising.

We are also one of the few companies that will give you results first and then ask for payment.  We will also work on a commission basis as well.

No hype with empty promises, just money in your pocket. Because at the end of the day, isn’t that what really matters?

Oh and it is rumored that Drayton is one of the guys that the TV show Mad Men was modeled after. He is not telling though. 🙂

Amazon Servers And Project Hosting

As we typically host several hundred sites at any given moment for ourselves and clients, we made the move over to Amazon years ago because of the significant advantages that their Eco System offers.

We not only host websites there because of the blazing speed, reliability, flexibility, they also have one of the best pricing propositions available.

We do our Websites, Data Base, Email, and Media hosting along with many other development projects with them.

If you want to securely host your projects that are infinitely scalable, please contact us today.

amazon web hosting image

Example Of A Website, Video, And Live Streaming Event

Low Carb Conferences came to us looking for an end to end solution for Marketing and Development.

The scope involved Main video development, Website, Marketing, and Live Streaming of over 30 of the worlds leading experts on Low Carb Eating.

It unfortunately happened right when the Pandemic first hit and most people had to cancel, however… we were able to do a paid live stream for the event and turn what would have certainly turned into a disaster, into a profitable event for both the Hosts, the Participants, and the Viewers alike. 

As of last count, the videos had over 50 Million views and growing. 

Here is a a link to one of the Participant Profiles and you can go to the main page view by clicking the image.  Dr. Agaston is the developer of the South Beach Diet that has sold over 24 million copies of his books.

We are happy to announce there there is a new event planned later in 2022!

Million Dollar+ eCommerce Site

Chocolate Monkey is an 8 Store chain in the middle of the Tennessee Rockies that has a million people a year go through their doors.  The had virtually no presence online an no eCommerce shop.

They wanted to start out on Shopify and we just launched them in October of 2021 and they are already on track to do $1 Million+ in sales online within their first year.  We are handling website builds, Social Media, and all marketing related to growing their online business well into high 7 figures in the next few years.

chocolate monkey store front

A Couple Of Fun Projects Worth Mentioning

We have several product under development that will be launched in 2022.

One of them is itza.Life which is a YouTube alternative. It is in proof of concept phase right now and they have already picked up National Sponsors and is rolling right along.  We are also developing an Amazon Prime Channel for them as well as live streaming.

Flying Here has been in the works for some time and is a pet project as most of the team loves to fly. Use password.  12345 to get in and take a look.

It is a social media site just for people that like to get up in the air!

We will be changing platforms in January and launching late first quarter of 2022.
is our testing bed for a lot of our new products that we build in a real life environment. It is a Directory site and It also provide links to our clients and helps with SEO and a few other things.

We are also working on an NFT project for a number of artists.

If you think you have a fun project for us and you are nice people, contact us and we can see if there is a fit. Typically our customers come in as referrals, but sometimes we do make exceptions.  While we are all about money, if the fit is not right, we will not be able to do our best, right?

We love working with Neurodivergent folks.