How to Install and Use iQAi Pro

Hi there. Andrew Anderson here to show you how to install and use iQAi Pro. Choosing Between Pro and Platinum Plans This is how you purchase iQAi Pro. And let me scroll down here, hopefully I won’t make you dizzy. We have a $7 Pro plan or the $97 platinum plan. what’s different in them? […]

Get Google Reviews Faster Using AI

Hey there, Andrew Anderson with iQ Marketers and iQ Ai Reviews. How AI Personalizes Replies And this is where the AI part comes in. So this is typically what a lot of people do. They just get back to them, which is great. This is better than nothing. So what we’re gonna do is we’re […]

iQ Marketers Ai Mastermind in Puerto Rico

“It’s all about the peeps. Get them out of a boring hotel room. Get them out in the open in the wild like this. They’re going to have this experience for the rest of their life. It’s all about the peeps.” In this 2-day Mastermind in the tropical paradise of Rincon, Puerto Rico, Andrew Anderson […]

Listen to an Actual iQAi Phone Call Interaction

This is a demo of our new software that allows for customer interaction. You can get back with customer inquiries within the Golden 1 minute mark which can increase close rates by up to 391%. This is all done automatically and can handle dozens of calls at a time. This interaction can also take place […]

Are You Paying 800% Too Much for Ads?

Paying Too Much for Ads Are you paying 800% more than your competitors for ads? I’ve got to show you some numbers that you probably have not seen before. Let’s dive into this and then we’ll show you some more details. So, if you know anything about Google, they rate your landing page basically on […]

Speed Gets 391% More Paying Customers: 5 Things Not To Do

The Company That Responds First 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiries first. This is why speed is so important when you get an inquiry. So, do not dilly dally is one of the first 5 things when you get a lead in. First 5 Minutes of Customer Inquiry You […]

How To 9X The Traffic to Your Site

In this video I’m gonna show you how to double your traffic and cut your ad spend at least in half. And you might even be able to get nine times the traffic that you’re currently getting. This is a tool that I’m gonna show you that you can use for free, to determine where […]

Bing and Edge Too

Hey there, Andrew Anderson with iQ Marketers and If you haven’t checked us out on YouTube, check out for leverage in all areas of your life. So today I wanna make this real quick. I wanna bring your attention to something that we’ve been noticing and it’s increasing. Microsoft Edge, check this out. […]

Get Better Results with These Two AI Tools

Hey there, guys and gals. So, Andrew Anderson here again, and with the dirt of crappy AI tools that are coming out right now that they are charging an arm or leg for. I just wanted to share with you a couple of forces that I would actually put out there. Supercharge Your Business With […]

Search Box Optimization

Introduction to Search Box Optimization If you’re in business, you’ve probably tried to optimize your website, right? Either on your own or through an SEO company that you paid for, and you also probably know that it can take six months or more, usually more, to see high placement on search results and organic listings. […]