Ai Personas: Ai Bots On Steroids

Andrew Anderson: A Digital Marketing Pioneer

Alicia Little: Andrew Anderson. Having brought in over $2 billion in leads for clients over three decades, Andrew Anderson built his first website in the 1980s, has collaborated with giants like Apple, IBM, and Virgin Airlines.

Recently focusing on automating business processes with AI, he offers global training and implementation services to enhance client acquisition and retention. Let’s all welcome to our virtual stage, Andrew Anderson. Yay! We’re excited to have Andrew here as Ava pulls up Andrew.

Engaging the Audience: Bot Building and Monetization

Alicia Little: We’ve learned a lot about bots today and a lot about bot building, and so monetization of it is so important. Somebody tell me in the comments the bot that you’re planning on building. So, if you could build a bot, you’ve heard a lot, seen a lot of examples of great bots, what would you build? Let me see in the comments.

What would you build? What would you build? What would you build? A brand strategy bot. I love that, Tiffany. Lisa says, “I love big bots.” I love that. I love that. All right. Ava said you need one for moms. Okay. Viola said a belly busting bot, like that’s the kind of bot I need too. Come on. A marketing bot deep from Denise. Tracy said a deep marketing and psychographic research bot. All right. Mike said a writing assistant. Lisa said a journal making bot. The thing is, everybody has some great ideas for bots, and now you have to really think about how to monetize them. And Andrew’s done a fabulous job at doing that in his business. We’re going to find more about what he’s doing.

Andrew Anderson Takes the Stage: Insights on AI and Business Automation

Alicia Little: Andrew, welcome.

Andrew Anderson: Hello. Thank you. It’s great to be here. You and your sis have done some amazing things, and I’m sure that it’s, for most of the people here, it’s kind of like trying to get a drink from a fire hose. You know, it’s a little bit of a… Hang in there. It gets, it does get better. So…

Alicia Little: I’m going to turn it over to you now.

Andrew Anderson: Okay, great. Thank you. And I guess I’ll share my screen and we’ll be good to go. Here we go. All right.

Making Money with AI: Strategies and Success Stories

Andrew Anderson: So, I changed this up a little bit. I want to talk about making money with AI, whether you want to become a consultant yourself or use it in your business. And for me, anything that I do, if it don’t make money, it don’t make sense. Right? So it’s great to have hobbies, but everybody here is in the 99 percentile as far as what you know about AI. And so, you need to take what you’ve learned here and apply it. And what I like to do is, in anything that I learned, I like to do it like really quickly, like within a day or two at most, and then it’s called FAFO. You just fool around and you find out how to do it.

But the best way to do that is, I’m always motivated, I’m not sure about you, but I am always motivated when I can fool around and find out and get paid for it. So, that’s what I want to kind of show you how to do, and we’ll specifically talk about the bot. So, this is one of my favorite quotes. I think this is from 1991 or 92, but it’s, “The future is already here, it’s just not evenly distributed yet.” And because of that, there’s a huge opportunity to implement AI in your own business or to offer it as a consultant. And if everybody here decided to become a consultant, we wouldn’t be able to scratch the surface on the need for people that want help with AI. So, the pie is big and it’s getting larger and larger every day. And it’s about estimated at 658 billion now, by the end of 2025, they reckon it will be around $1.2 trillion. So, it’s a big piece of pie out there.

So, the tactics and tools are okay, and I’m sure you’ve learned a lot of them, and there’s some great ones out there and they can make you money, but the strategies and masteries will make you rich. If you understand the concepts behind it, and you can use a different tool for each one of these things, and you can solve the client’s problems, that’s how you make money, you can make a boatload of money. And I mean, a ton.

So, here’s what I’ve learned in the past four years. We got lucky, I guess, and got into the beta program for Open AI four years ago. One of the things that I’ve learned from our host here is I had underestimated on how to make money for it. So, thank you guys. And I think I went to one of their presentations. And then the next day, I used what they taught me, and I made $10,000 which is, you know, better than a stick in your eye.

One of the things you need to do is, for a client or for yourself, is how do you measure it, right? That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially. So, whatever you’re doing for yourself or your client, you need to take a look and figure out a way that you can say, “Is this really working? Is this really saving us time or money or both?” Typically, it’s both. And then start with something easy that you can prove if you’re doing this with a client or you’re trying to get a buy in from your company that they will help, measured in either time savings or money. So, one of the things that we did and that you can do too, like I said, there’s plenty of room for this here is, let me see here.

So, I’m actually partners on it, if you’ve heard of this guy called Myron Golden, but he’s kind of big on the internet, and his whole area of expertise is he deals with high end clients. Typically, he takes people that are making, you know, fifty or a hundred grand in a year, and he helps them do that in a day.

So, one of the easiest things that we did, we put this together last year, and you guys can still do this too, there’s still a huge need for this, is we started taking all the people that have regular books out there and we turn them into audio books. And we did it by cloning their voice, and so we saved them a ton of money, and I’ll show it to you.

Anybody here can set up their own site and do this too. I mean, it’s just something we did because we had the clients for it. And if you wanted to go to it, it’s iQ My Voice, and you can listen to it. If you’ve ever heard him or go to YouTube and hear him, it sounds exactly like him. So he charges $40,000 an hour for his time, and he’s like booked up solid. So, we were talking about it and he didn’t want to take three and a half days to do his audio on his book. So, we pulled it into our system and we got it done for him in about eight hours, right? So, he saved almost a million dollars in bookable time just for doing that.

Now, maybe your client hasn’t, you know, doesn’t charge that much, but if even if it’s only $100 or $200 or $500 an hour, you can do the same thing. There’s tons of tools out there that you can do this. And so, that’s a measurable amount. So we know we saved them three and a half days of time, $40,000 an hour, about $950,000. So, you have to be able to measure what you’re doing.

How do you make yourself or your client 10X on the investment, and what is your plan?

So, whenever we charge things, most of the people out there, I’m not saying everybody, there’s a few of you that don’t, but we figure out how much can we save them in the next year? And if it’s $10,000, then we usually charge them $1,000. If it’s $100,000, then we charge them $10,000. If we can save them a million dollars, then our fee is typically $100,000 to do that. You can come in lower than that, but the issue is if you want to get bigger clients, you don’t become believable because if you’re the cheapest, you’re not the best. And if you’re the best, you’re never, ever the cheapest.

So, I see a lot of people, you know, charging $100 or $200 for some things. It’s okay to get some experience on that, but typically, I don’t talk to anybody unless it’s at least $5,000 to do anything because there’s so many clients out there right now, and you may not think you know everything that you need to do, but if you charge less than that, they don’t believe that you know what you’re doing. So, don’t be afraid to do that. And you might get a couple of nos in that, but it’s no different than being, you know, being afraid of getting rejected is…

What if I told you, and I’m holding up, I don’t know if you can see my screen here or not, but if you hold a deck of cards and you know, there’s four aces in it, who cares if you deal out a king and a queen and a one and a two and a three. You know that if you keep on dealing out that deck of cards or talking to clients, you’re going to get the ace and you’re going to get paid for what you’re doing. So, if you’ve gone through any of the training that you’ve had here, then you are worth more than you could possibly think. I know Alicia and Lorette are helping people get placement on this stuff, which, you know, I got involved early on in their program and I think it’s absolutely wonderful. I can’t think of a better place for you to be right now.

So, once you figure out how much money you’re going to save them, then typically I price that at 10% over the year. Okay. So, you can do little box and things, you know, for $100 or $200, but you should be charging in the thousands for this stuff. Bot builds right now that we do are anywhere from $2,000 to $7,500, and if we charge only $2,000, we take a monthly residual. Everything has a monthly payment plan with it, and it’s just like putting out a little oil well that just keeps on bringing in the money. The thing of it is, if you take care of your client and you do a really good job for them, they will pay you for a long long time.

Our clients have been with us, on average, 7.2 years, and that number is rising right now. So, it takes a bunch of work to get the client, figure out what you can do to help them, actually serve them really well, and then charge an upfront fee, and then always charge at least something monthly on it. And that way, when they pay, they’re going to pay attention to what you’re doing and they’ll use it. And then also too, because you’re getting that monthly residual, if you keep on doing this, in a year, you could easily be in the six figure range just off your residuals. And I’ve seen this done dozens and dozens of times through the people that I work with and people that we’ve helped train on this stuff.

Deep Dive into AI Bots and Personas: Enhancing Business Operation

Andrew Anderson: Let’s see here. So, I’m going to talk about bots and AI personas, and I consider them a little bit different. So, a bot is not very bright, whereas a persona is. With ChatGPT and OpenAI, you can train them. Typically, I don’t know how much time I have to walk through all of this, but basically, none of our bots have less than 5,000 words of training. And then typically in chat, you can upload data. So, the data comes in and uploads it. So, you basically have a person that’s an expert in this one little field. And what it does is it becomes much smarter and it can also learn.

Let me show you an example of that. What we typically do is, you’ve seen the bots on chat that you can get into, but most of the time you can’t use those unless the person is paid for the upgrade. And only 1% of the people paid for upgrade on Open AI. So, you’re going to be missing 99% of your audience. So, what we do is we actually embed them on a website and, let me see if I got my slides in order here. Okay. So, I’m going to show you a couple of examples here. And we’ll go here.

So, I’ve got three of them that I pulled up and we’ve done tons of these. So, let’s go for this one. This is for a keto group that has 70,000 members in it. And so, if you’ve ever done keto before, it gets kind of boring after a while. So, we’re going to open this up, and this will typically open up on a thing so we can ask him for a recipe. So, let’s just do give me a good keto snack recipe. And you’ve seen this before, but it takes it out of chat and it puts it on websites. And let’s see here. So, it’s pretty fast. There you go. And you can put your call to action here so they can go to Eat Fat and Get Skinny, but this looks pretty good. And then you can also connect it here. Let me see. I don’t know if I have them. I’ll show you the end picture that we pull in for him here. You can find it, let me see. Because you can connect it so that it actually does all of the pictures for him too. Let me see it. I know my team just sent them to me here. Had them earlier today. So, what do you guys think so far? Is this of any interest to you guys?

Alicia Little: Before you even asked, Bettina said, interesting. So she had already posted that. Perry says it’s awesome. Randy said, yes, sir. Dr. Sarah said, very interesting.

Andrew Anderson: Okay, and then I’m going to, let me see here. Apparently, I lost him, but you can end up with some really cool results on this. Is anybody interested in seeing the picture of this? ‘Cause I know where the website is. I can go to the client site.

Alicia Little: Everybody’s typing in Liliana says, yes. Deborah says, yes. Perry says, that would be great. Paulette said, I would love that.

Andrew Anderson: Let me see if I can even get in here.

Alicia Little: While you’re doing that, Andrew, Sonya’s asking, can you just embed the link from a GPT in a website, or are you doing it a little bit differently?

Andrew Anderson: No, you can’t. They’ve made it horrible, honestly. It’s not easy to do, but there’s ways to do it, and I would say in probably three or four months, you will be able to do this. So, let me show them.

Alicia Little: Okay, we can do it in the future.

Andrew Anderson: So, can you see my screen now?

Yes, we can.

Okay. So, these are what happens, then we have, we built the bot in the AI to actually pull this together. So, it comes up with a great picture. It’s got serving sizes, it’s got directions, it’s got notes and nutritional information. And this all comes out because of the bot that we built. And so, if you have a client or even a restaurant that you can do this with, and then you wanted to see…

So, this is actually embedded on our website. So, this is another bot that we have. And this bot will answer questions about AI. Can you explain what AI is. I am a fifth grader, which is about the level I like to run at these days, see if it’s actually working and there we go. Poof. And so, you can have these embedded on your website as well. And what happens is it goes from being a dead website to a live website and you can have it interact with this. And I mean, the AI personas are much, much smarter than the bots, and you can have it ask specific questions about your business. It can say, and you can even have it so that, we have another site where they can embed, it’ll say, “Hey, why don’t you give me your phone number and we’ll have somebody call you,” or “Would you like to learn any more information about this?”

And so, by bringing AI into your website for you and your clients, it’s crazy. Some of the stats that we’ve seen when we’ve done this, they’ve had sales go up as high as 40% in one month when they do this versus just having the regular old website out there. So, that’s kind of what you can do with them. And let me go on here. I’m running, I want to make sure, I’m running out of time.

So, there’s a period of bots in that they’re contextually aware. They understand nuance context. They can be a true expert and depending on how much information you feed them and depending on the examples of what you upload it, you could upload your pricing on your products, you could upload how long it takes to ship, how to use a product. We’ve got one that shows them how to walk through the website and use parts and pieces of it. And then the other thing that we do, and I don’t want to overwhelm you here, but this is pretty cool, is that every time someone asks the question, it gets automatically put back into our FAQ. So, we’re not in there asking those questions. So, if they said how was your answer and say, it’s okay, boom, it gets shot directly over to the FAQ. And it, builds up your website.

So, whatever niche you’re in, it will blow up your SEO, like nobody’s business. And you’ll have interaction and time on your site because when people come in and use these bots, it’s considered time on your site. And if you’re concerned about SEO or being found, it will blow it up. And the people that aren’t using this, they’re going to get lost in the dust. So, that’s another benefit of doing this. Let’s see…

A really good prompt on our bots, and this is old, but it should be no less than 450 words. And I set up the 5,000. I just looked. We’ve got some that have 20,000 words in the prompt, and don’t let that scare you because there’s prompt that can help you build this too. So, let me see what else I got here. Use cases unleashed. Let me see here. We’re going to fix this. I’m going to scroll through here cause I’m running out of time.

Unlocking the Potential of AI in Business: Case Studies and Results

Andrew Anderson: The other thing that we use it for is we do a lot of work. I got my start with helping people with disabilities, and one of the things is now, I don’t know if you know about the ADA, but every website needs to be accessible to people with disabilities so that someone who’s blind or are visually impaired or even has cognitive abilities or might be a paraplegic, it makes it easy for them to use it, and we use bots to help make that happen. So, let’s see what else here. Okay. This is kind of blah, blah, blah stuff, but it does often offer proven results.

And when you build your AI persona, you can limit the answer so it doesn’t do stupid things, right? And it can be just about what you do. So, driving adoption, educating businesses on the AIPs transformative potential. So, you’ve seen some examples of this, and you can learn how to do this yourself or bring this into your business.

I haven’t seen anything like this, and I’ve been doing this for over 30 years that where we can take this, and if you put the bot in right, just with the interactions, that you can blow up your profitability in 1 month by 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, and we’ve done this with mom and pop companies. We did this with a roofing company. I just checked. We’ve got a bot, I don’t know if I’ve got it open, but they brought in nine and a half million dollars in bids. And we put a bot on that sits there and anybody can come in anytime a day or night and get a roofing estimate. It’s not sexy but, you know, if you could bring in an extra nine and a half million dollars in people asking you to bid on projects, that would be pretty good. I’m not sure what their closing ratio is, but it’s pretty high. So, they’re indeed happy with that. I just want to give you some of the possibilities with that.

Closing Thoughts: The Future of AI in Business

Andrew Anderson: So, one of the things I just want to emphasize is sometimes there is no next time, no second chance, no timeout. Sometimes, it’s now or never. So, this is it with AI. The people that get into this really, you can write your own ticket as to how far you want to go, how much money you want to make. I’ve saw some of the presenters here. They’re going to crush it.

If you bring this into your business, I think within the next 18 months, there’s going to be businesses that embraced AI, and then there’s going to be businesses that aren’t in business anymore. And so, I’ve got a ton of stuff. I have a tendency to like stuff the bag too full but I’ve got a ton of things I want to give you. I’ll give you this presentation that’s cleaned up a little bit better than this. You can scan this code or go to and I’ll give you this presentation without the icky slides. And then I’ve got probably five or six PDFs on discussing how to put some of this stuff together and/or implement it.

And again, I appreciate you being able to be here. If you click on this, it should go to, it should go to this page and then you can check everything out. This is mobile friendly and that’s not me. I had my picture. I noticed Manuela, my assistant, she’s a lot better looking than I am. So, we don’t want to scare off clients. So that is it. And thank you for letting me do this.

Alicia Little: Thank you. Everybody give a round of applause to Andrew. Andrew, you’ve got some great comments and compliments in the chat. So, make sure you find your way over to the chat as soon as you can. People are asking for you in that chat.

He was fantastic, wasn’t he? Didn’t he just expand our mind and possibilities on really how we can monetize these things we can do for our clients. And what did he say when you have that deck of cards? Your ace is in there somewhere, but you already knew that, right? Without hesitation, your ace is in there.


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