What People Are Saying About The iQ Team | Dr. Gina Pritchard

Hi, my name is Dr. Gina Pritchard, and if you’re thinking about partnering with Andrew Anderson for your business and your financial efforts, I highly recommend that you do so. Sooner rather than later, because I imagine his client roster is filling up.

I’m so glad that I started working with Andrew less than six months ago because my practice has changed, my educational courses have changed. So much has gotten better in my practice. I have additional streams of revenue now that I didn’t have before I started working with Andrew.

I have a book that’s going to be coming out soon and two more books started. That book is in its audible version with my AI voice thanks to Andrew. I didn’t have to spend time reading the book aloud to use my voice. He has technology for that, of course.

So Andrew and his vast experience, his technical experience and expertise- his expertise, actually, in a variety of areas has, as I said, remarkably changed my practice for the better, improved my patient experience, improved my systems, improved my bottom line.

And he continues to bring new ideas to my business, to use artificial intelligence in cutting edge ways that I hadn’t even thought of, to make me more productive, to make my life more enjoyable because my business is under control but making more money than before.

I highly recommend Andrew and his company. If you’re thinking of working with them, I say, do it. You won’t regret it. Dr. Gina Pritchard.

To find out more, visit iQMarketers.com

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