Be Careful About Reading Too Much Into Social Media Marketing

Instagram hides likes count in international test ‘to remove pressure’ — The number of likes is a measure of how well content is doing on the social media platform.

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This story illustrates a trap far too many companies fall into. Likes do not = $$$ nor do lack of Likes Equals a lack of success with social media.

We see a lot of Social Media experts spouting how many likes they get. Really the only thing you need to concern yourself with is the number of sales your Social Media brings in, period.

With Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and all the rest manipulating likes, and throttling views of popular profiles in order to help those that advertise with them and with our own internal estimates that over 81% of all Social Media activity being Bots and AI-related, you should not make Social Media the Main cornerstone of your marketing.

Why? Because when you are on Social Media you are playing on quicksand that someone else owns and you have absolutely no control and there is Zero Transparency and Zero reliable data from the results other than sales.

While everyone and their Brother-In-Law is raving about the need for Social Media, the truth is it can be used as a part of your strategic marketing plan, but only a part. There are far better ROI’s in marketing to be gained elsewhere.

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