What People Are Saying About The iQ Team | Dr. Gina Pritchard

Hi, my name is Dr. Gina Pritchard, and if you’re thinking about partnering with Andrew Anderson for your business and your financial efforts, I highly recommend that you do so. Sooner rather than later, because I imagine his client roster is filling up. I’m so glad that I started working with Andrew less than six […]

AI Revolution: Future Proof Your Business

Hey there, Andrew Anderson here. And I’m talking to you today from Las Vegas was at the Prairie Belcher and Chad Nicely, and at least a little of it on AI. And it was a humdinger, I gotta tell you, I know that’s a common word, right? But, it’s amazing what’s happening, and I’ve got […]

How to Install and Use iQAi Pro

Hi there. Andrew Anderson here to show you how to install and use iQAi Pro. Choosing Between Pro and Platinum Plans This is how you purchase iQAi Pro. And let me scroll down here, hopefully I won’t make you dizzy. We have a $7 Pro plan or the $97 platinum plan. what’s different in them? […]

iQ Marketers Ai Mastermind in Puerto Rico

“It’s all about the peeps. Get them out of a boring hotel room. Get them out in the open in the wild like this. They’re going to have this experience for the rest of their life. It’s all about the peeps.” In this 2-day Mastermind in the tropical paradise of Rincon, Puerto Rico, Andrew Anderson […]

Automatic Affiliates for Big Profits

On Affiliates I want to give you a tip on when you’re running your five day challenges. We’re going to talk about this- is to make sure that everybody that signs up for your challenge to become an affiliate. Now, this is an educational program. It’s called Skip Your Next Heart Attack Challenge, given by […]