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Be Careful About Reading Too Much Into Social Media Marketing

Instagram hides likes count in international test ‘to remove pressure’ — The number of likes is a measure of how well content is doing on the social media platform. www.bbc.co.uk Read More This story illustrates a trap far too many companies fall into. Likes do not = $$$ nor do lack of Likes Equals a

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New Law Called GPDR Impacts You If You Use Email Lists

Days Hours Minutes Seconds Or Thereabouts Until You Have To Comply Just a heads up here. If you collect emails from anyone within the European Union, which really means if you collect emails at all more than likely, another new wonderful socialist law goes into effect on May 25th, 2018. 🙂 It is called GDPR.

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Free Local Advertising

MyTownIsHere.com provides a platform for Businesses and Non-Profits to have a presence right down to a neighborhood level. There is ZERO Throttling of posts or activity. We do not do Big Brother. Every user can see what you post on your profile. We believe everyone profits that way, don’t you?

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