ADA Tax Credits For Business To Help People With Disabilities

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All About ADA Tax Credits for Businesses That Help People with Disabilities Did you know that the government gives special benefits to businesses that make their places easier for people with disabilities to use? These benefits are called tax credits, and they help businesses save money. It is also the law in the US that […]

ADA Title II Update: State & Local Government Websites & Contractors

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Recently, a new rule was signed by the U.S. Attorney General. This rule is part of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and focuses on making digital stuff, like websites and apps, accessible to everyone. It was first suggested last August by the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ). This rule says that digital things created […] The First ADA Compliant And Uber Fast Site Builder

iQ My Site Hey there, sports fans. How you doing? Andrew Anderson here and just wanted to give you a little preview of the latest project we’ve been working on for quite some time and it is ready to be shown. This is iQ My Site. It’s a builder, the first one that I know […]

MASB: What Is It and Why Is It Important

MASB and Its Importance Hey, there. Andrew Anderson here with IQ Marketers, which is this guy here. I’m not sure if it’ll show up, but there it is. So what we’re talking about today is google and MASB, and I bet that most of you have never heard of this before. And we’ll spell it […]

ADA On Helping Dentists Make Their Websites Accessible

ADA promulgating information on helping dentists make their websites accessible — Several member dentists in Texas have received correspondence from an attorney alleging that their websites violated the Americans with Disabilities Act because they are not accessible to individuals with disabilities, according to the Texas Dental Association. Read More  

50 Companies Hit With ADA Lawsuits In Denver

This is exactly what you need to be ADA compliant. 50 Lawsuits by just one firm in one city. We estimate the number of ADA suits between now and the end of the year could be over 10,000. The average settlement is around $50,000. Do not let this happen to you. This is very important […]

How The accessiBe ADA Tool Helped Save A Restaurant

Hi, my name is Neil, owner of a boutique Italian restaurant called Pozza. We are a boutique restaurant and as such, we have put a lot of effort into building a beautiful website to showcase our place, our food, and everything else. Problem is, this beautiful website got us sued, twice. Now, the first lawsuit […]

Beware Free Web Accessibility Plugins Issues

There is a huge and growing problem with Free ADA and EN 301 compliance tools out there. They are giving website owners a false sense of security for being compliant. We have yet to test a Free tool that did not leave blaring holes and miss some items. The old adage you get what you […]