The 1st way Most people check where they rank is by typing in their keyword into Google, Bing, or other search engine and then they scroll through and see where they rank as we did below for the keyword Ice Cream.

  • The problem is that Google or Bing is going to give you the closest listing to where you are down to a Neighborhood level. It is not necessarily a “Citywide” result.
  • The result you get is just from where you are at that time.
  • They know your location by your IP address or Internet Protocol address. It is basically a Data Door from where your computer or mobile device sends out and gets data through. Each IP is assigned a physical address.
  • Each cell tower basically has a door where the data comes in and goes out from and as you are driving, you get passed from one Data Door or cell tower to another seamlessly.
  • This will probably not surprise you to know that on your Mobile Phone, they know where you are to within a few feet.
  • For your Desktop your IP address typically shows where you are down to your zip code. If you are Google search, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and it will show your IP location by City and usually zip code too.
  • Think of it like this. When you type in a search, your computer or mobile device is connected to the nearest Door, it then opens it up and looks around, it records the closest, most relevant items, and then delivers those results to you.
  • What this means from a practical standpoint is that someone 1 mile away from you will more than likely get far different results than you will, even though you are both in the same city.
  • So this means when you do a search, you might be in nearly any City, say Nashville or Denver, BUT… they are going to give you results that are closest to you i.e your IP address or your Data Door.They will know the Data Door you are using down to the zip code and Neighborhood level and even the exact street you are on.
  • True Citywide results are a thing of that past.

Because of all of the changes, you need to check where you rank in each Neighborhood.  You can no longer expect to get accurate citywide results.



My Rank Check allows you to see the rankings for virtually any Neighborhood, so you are getting the same results as if you were really there! Because you are!

We use the same Data Door that someone in that neighborhood uses.  This is why the information you get from My Rank Check is so accurate and so useful!

Because we have access to over 100,000 IP addresses or Data Doors in the United States alone, we give you real, live, accurate ranking reports of where you rank.

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