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Great, you are almost done!

Make sure to check your phone and email as we’ve just sent you a sample coupon offer, so you can experience how a VIP club will work with your customers. Make sure you redeem the coupon as well.
Take a look at the bottom of the coupon for something that blew me away the first time I saw it.


Just imagine being able to get your coupon or message directly to your customer’s phone in seconds. Remember most people (98% open rate) check text messages within 3 minutes.

Compare to this to an average open rate of approximately 20% if you are lucky! Top that off with a click through rate between 2% to 4% and it is getting worse. People just get too many emails and they are less and are becoming less efficient daily. 

Now we can send out Celebration Marketing to them on their Birthday’s and Anniversary dates.  Because I know you are smart, you know how much money and new customers that can bring in.

To make it easier, check out our Restaurant/Bar Customer Value Calculator below. We also have one for Regular Businesses as well.


Restaurant/Bar Customer Value Calculator

Many Business owners have never take the time to figure out exactly how much a customer is worth, let alone a how much a customer that has a bad experience can cost you.

Claudiu can you put the Restaurant Calculator here please?

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