Refer A Friend

Use Refer Friends To Profit

Refer Friends To Profit In this how-to video, I am going to walk you through step-by-step how we use Refer A Friend in Transcription Club. You can see it in action for real over at TranscriptionClub.com . As mentioned in the video, this is being set up on WordPress and is actually pretty easy. We are running

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Google Banned

Why You Need An SSL Certificate For Your Website

  “Google Chrome’s July 2018 update will be rolling out very soon, and it will mark any Website not served over HTTPS as “Not secure” in the address bar.”   This is so that hackers can’t intercept contact information, forms, and other interactions with people that use your site. Plus, hackers usually go after sites

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The Ultimate Round-To-It

The Ultimate Round-To-It

Click here and get a day of your life back every week! Is your time worth $50 an hour? $25 an hour?  How about $15 and hour?  How about $10 an hour? Even if your time is only worth the last one, then you need an Virtual Assistant if you ever really want to get

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New Law Called GPDR Impacts You If You Use Email Lists

Days Hours Minutes Seconds Or Thereabouts Until You Have To Comply Just a heads up here. If you collect emails from anyone within the European Union, which really means if you collect emails at all more than likely, another new wonderful socialist law goes into effect on May 25th, 2018. 🙂 It is called GDPR.

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