Meteorite 1

I was able to get a few of these over a decade ago from a private collector in California. Looking to sell them because I travel a lot and do not have time to appreciate them anymore.  If you are like me, something this wonderful should be enjoyed and admired.

Would love to have both of them find a good homes which is why I am going to try and price them on the low side.  Although I am open to a reasonable buy me now offer.

I honestly have no idea what they are worth these days. But they both look as good in person as any I have seen on eBay or in other collections.

I do not sell a lot on eBay anymore, but if you are in the Nashville area, be happy to have you look at them in person if that is allowed?  Also happy to answer any questions that you might have!

This one is a beauty and has some really cool features.  No need to hype this.  This is as interesting and nice as any Campo I have ever seen.

Thanks and hope you have a GREAT day. Will pay for FedEx Ground shipping in Continental US. Outside the continental US, buyer will pay for shipping and any fees and/or taxes.




The Campo del Cielo refers to a group of iron meteorites or to the area where they were found.[1] This area is situated on the border between the provinces of Chaco and Santiago del Estero, 1,000 kilometers (620 mi) northwest of Buenos Aires, Argentina. The crater field covers an area of 3×18.5 kilometers and contains at least 26 craters, the largest being 115×91 meters.[2] The craters’ age is estimated as 4,000–5,000 years. The craters, containing iron masses, were reported in 1576, but were already well known to the aboriginal inhabitants of the area. The craters and the area around contain numerous fragments of an iron meteorite. The total weight of the pieces so far recovered is about 100 tonnes,